The Plan of Attack

Check out this blog post for detailed rationale about my curriculum choices.

TL;DR: A bridging module for computer science literacy, Udacity's Data Analyst Nanodegree for the data science fundamentals, compilations of the best Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Back End Development courses, plus additional resources to fill in the gaps.

Note: if you're looking for an online data science curriculum to follow, the link below contains my most up-to-date recommendations. I started creating this project midway through my personal data science master’s.


Bridging Module

Bridging key knowledge gaps. Programming, computer science, and discrete mathematics are often covered in the two years of an undergraduate computer science program.

data science Core

The fundamentals.

Machine Learning

Learning from data.

Software Engineering

Best practices.

Back End Development

Storing and manipulating data.


Additional RESOURCES

Filling in the gaps. Suggestions welcome!

from Chemical Engineering

My engineering background gives me a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics. These are a mix of first, second, and fourth year courses that are often covered in undergraduate computer science, mathematics, and statistics programs.