Statistics I

Statistics I

I took this intro to statistics course as a sophomore in my chemical engineering program. This course is essentially this Udacity course, but with a chemical engineering flair. Officially called "Analysis of Process Data", the course description is as follows (chemical engineering things italicized):

Course Description

Statistical methods for analyzing and interpreting process data are discussed, with special emphasis on techniques for continuous improvement of process operations. Topics include:

  • Graphical and numerical summaries
  • Principles of valid inference
  • Probability distributions for discrete and continuous data
  • An introduction to linear regression analysis
  • Role of data in assessing process operation
  • Identifying major problems
  • Process capability
  • Comparing process performance to target values
  • Comparing performances of two processes
  • Control charts

How Is It Useful?

Statistics is one of the pillars of data science. Check out this Quora page for a great answer to the question "How do data scientists use statistics?"