My Projects

A few of my favourite pieces of work.


Exploratory Data Analysis

Used R and apply exploratory data analysis techniques to explore Free Code Camp's 2016 New Coder Survey dataset for distributions, outliers, and anomalies.

Free Code Camp Articles

Repurposed the content in my explanatory data analysis for a general audience. Three articles were published by Free Code Camp's Medium publication and received 1k+ recommends.

Hockey Analytics

I like hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs so I write about them with a focus on advanced statistics. Python and Pandas are most often used for data wrangling, exploration, and analysis.


Class Central Articles

Class Central is the leader for online course information and reviews. I write commentary pieces and created the very first "Class Central Career Guide" with data science as its subject.


OpenStreetMap Data Case Study

Inspected and cleaned a 1.14 GB OpenStreetMap dataset using Python. Imported clean data into a normalized SQL database and used queries to learn more about my hometown.

Interactive NOTES

Built a Python back end using Google App Engine, Datastore, and Jinja2 templates to host a web page and allow user comments. Post a blank comment for a game-changing UI feature.

Rick or Stick?

A game where you answer the age-old question: Is this a person named Rick or is it a stick? Created using PHP, a MySQL database, and MVC architecture. YouTube video


A simple movie/TV website with clickable trailers, this project demonstrates knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and the power of abstraction. Written in Python.

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