Multivariable Calculus

Multivariable Calculus

I took this course as a freshman in my chemical engineering program. Officially called "Calculus II", the course description is as follows:

Course Description

  • More integration techniques.
  • Numerical integration, improper integrals.
  • Curves, speed, velocity.
  • Functions of several variables, partial derivatives, differentials, error estimates, gradient, maxima and minima.
  • Sequences, series, power series.
  • Taylor polynomial approximations.
  • Double and triple integrals, polar and cylindrical coordinates.
  • Applications to mass, center of mass, moment, etc.

How Is It Useful?

Math is one of the key building blocks of data science. Calculus is essential for more advanced topics in data science such as machine learning, algorithms, and advanced statistics.1 Multivariate calculus is especially applicable in machine learning.2